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How do I manage carrier invitations on an RFP?

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After inviting carriers to bid, you can view invitation statuses, copy bid invitations to carriers if they are having trouble receiving the bid invitation email, and add additional carriers to the bid.

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To invite additional carriers:

1. On the published bid, click INVITED CARRIERS.

2. Search and select the carriers you want to invite to bid. Or click the checkbox next to CARRIER to select all carriers. You can also use the search bar and filters to search specific carriers from your network.

3. Once you have selected the carriers, click mceclip0__24_.png > Add to bid. The status of the carrier’s invitation will change to mceclip1.png

If you would like to invite carriers not listed on your carrier network, please see the following article on how to add carriers.


Invitation statuses:

On the Invited Carriers section, invitation statuses will be listed under Status.

The invitation statuses are the following:

  • Email Sent: The bid invitation email was sent to the carrier.
  • Accepted: The carrier has accepted the bid invitation.
  • Rates Submitted: The carrier has submitted its proposal.
  • Unsubscribed: The carrier has unsubscribed from receiving emails from Shipper Guide.
  • Check Contact: The email was not successfully delivered. Hover over the question mark icon to view the reason.
    • Deferred: The carrier’s email server has refused the delivery of the email.
    • Hard Bounced: The carrier’s email address does not exist.
    • Soft Bounced: The carrier’s mailbox is full or inactive.
    • Rejected: The carrier’s email may not exist, or the email was rejected.
    • Spam: The carrier’s email was filtered as spam.

Important: Please see Why am I not receiving Shipper Guide emails? article common causes and possible solutions for carriers that are not receiving emails. 


To copy the bid invitation link:

1. On the Invited Carriers section, click mceclip2__12_.png next to the carrier’s invitation.

2. Select Copy Invite Link. The bid invitation link will be copied to your clipboard. 

After carriers have submitted their bids:

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