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Why am I not receiving ShipperGuide emails?

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There are many possible reasons why you are not receiving emails from the ShipperGuide. We have compiled a list of the most common causes and possible solutions:

Blocked/Restricted List

ShipperGuide’s domain may end up on a recipient’s blocked or restricted list because emails were flagged as spam. In this case, please remove from the blocked/restricted list to allow emails from ShipperGuide to be delivered to your inbox.

Spam/Junk/Promo Folder

Most email service providers have spam detections to prevent unsolicited and unwanted emails from landing in the receiver’s inbox. However, they are not 100% reliable, and sometimes legitimate emails may get flagged as spam and may end up in your spam, junk, promo, or other folders. In this case, check your non-primary folders for emails from and mark the emails as safe/non-junk to move the emails to your primary inbox. 


It is common practice for a business to set up rules/firewalls/filters/spam detections to prevent unsolicited and possibly malicious emails from being sent to an organization. In this case, please reach out to your office administrator/IT team/help desk to confirm if any preventative configurations are enabled that can cause ShipperGuide emails to be moved to another folder, blocked, or quarantined.

Incorrect Email Address

Misspelling an email address is a common reason for a recipient not to receive an email that they are expecting. If you suspect that the email may have been sent to the incorrect address, please reach out to our support team to confirm the receiving email address. 


It is common for recipients to unintentionally unsubscribe/opt-out from receiving emails from ShipperGuide, either because you clicked the unsubscribe link or your email security settings automatically unsubscribed your email. If you suspect you may have unsubscribed, please contact ShipperGuide support to remove your email from the unsubscribe list.

If you have exhausted the possible solutions listed above, please contact your office administrator/IT/help desk for further assistance.

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