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Please note the Auto and Bulk Tendering feature is only available for paid subscriptions. Please reach out to our team for more information on how to enable this feature on your ShipperGuide account!


The Auto and Bulk tendering features are only able to update Shipments with contract lanes in place. If a contract does not exist for a lane in ShipperGuide, these features will not be able to tender a shipment to a carrier. Please set up your contract lanes Prior to enabling the Auto and Bulk Tender feature.


For more information on creating contracts please please visit our HelpCenter article linked below:

Lanes from published RFPs will convert to contract lanes as well showing the primary awarded carriers if using RFPGuide feature. For more information on creating RFPs, please visit our HelpCenter article linked below:

Now that your contract lanes are in place, we can get started streamlining your tendering process!


This article will cover:

Activating Auto Tendering

1. Navigate to Shipments.

2. Click on Auto Tender Rules.

3. Click and enter in the Tender Response Deadline time.

4. Click .

5. The feature will begin working automatically updating any newly created shipments. 

Any shipments created prior to the Auto Tendering feature being enabled will not be automatically tendered, we recommend using the Bulk Tender feature for these shipments.


If shipments have been created and auto tender was disabled after the shipments were created, the auto tendering feature will still auto tendered those shipments. Any new shipments created after the auto tendering was disabled will not auto tender.

Auto Tendering Statuses

Once Auto Tendering has been enabled, any actions taken on a shipment will be indicated on the Shipment List view under the Status column with a lighting bolt. 

Auto Tender in Progress -

Auto Tender Completed Unsuccessfully -

Auto Tender Completed Successfully -

Shipment List Banner Updates

Banners will be displayed upon accessing your Shipment List that will keep you informed of any recent actions that have been taken since you last checked your Shipment List.

Banner notifications will show:

  • Number of Shipments Created
  • Number of Shipments Booked
  • Number of tender rejections

Access these shipments by clicking .


Click “Close” to clear the banner notifications.



Bulk Tender

The Bulk Tendering feature allows users to tender multiple shipments at once. Similar to Auto Tendering, the shipment lanes must have contacts or RFP awarded carriers assigned to the shipment lane.

Auto Tendering will automatically tender shipments as soon as a shipment is created. Bulk Tendering, users will need to select shipments and select the Tender action from the menu drop down to send tenders to the carrier. 


1. Navigate to Shipments.

2. Select shipments using the checkbox next to the shipment. 

3. Click Actions > Tender.

4. Confirm the Response Deadline for the tenders and click .


5. Once completed, click to confirm the updates.



6. You will be taken to the Shipment list, click Get Quote to view the quote page. The carrier will now need to accept the tender to confirm the load. 


Once the carrier has accepted the shipment, the shipment will move to “Booked” status.


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