Getting Started with Procurement

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This article will cover the basics of creating a request for proposal on ShipperGuide to help you get started and familiarize yourself with the tool in a few steps. Links to the help center articles will be provided at each step. 

1. Log in to ShipperGuide.

Article: Shipper Login



2. Add your carriers:

On your left dashboard, click Carriers to access the carrier management page. Click ADD CARRIERS to manually add a carrier or import your carrier list via .csv upload.

If you want to try the tool before adding your carriers, you can create a carrier to test the procurement process on ShipperGuide. The only required information for a carrier profile is a carrier name, DOT number (ex: 12345), and a valid email address.

Article: How do I add or delete a carrier?

Article: How do I bulk add/update my carriers?



3. Set your bid details:

Let’s begin creating a request for a proposal. On your left dashboard, click RFP Guide. Click image-0__2_.png to set the bid details.

Article: How do I set bid details on an RFP?



4. Add lanes:

After setting the bid details, click mceclip0__52_.png to add a lane. Or click mceclip1__26_.png to download the lanes template to import your lanes.

Article: How do I add/delete a lane on an RFP?

Article: How do I import lanes to an RFP?



5. Invite carriers to bid:

After setting the bid and lane details for the proposal, click ADD CARRIERS and select the carriers you would like to invite to the bid. After you have selected the carriers, click mceclip10__3_.png to send email invitations to carriers.

Article: How do I invite carriers to bid on an RFP?



6. Submit carrier’s proposals:

Carriers will receive an email containing a bid invitation link which will direct them to their bid submission page.

Article: How do I submit a bid?

Article: How do I upload bids for an RFP?



7. Finalize RFP:

The final step of the procurement process is to review carriers’ proposals, award lanes/rank carrier bids, and finalize the bid. On the published RFP, under LANES IN PROGRESS, click each lane to view carriers’ proposals. Select the primary/backup awarded carrier(s) or rank the carrier bids. 

Article: How do I award primary/backup carriers on an RFP?

Article: How do I rank my carriers' bids on an RFP?


8. Accept or reject awarded lanes:

For primary/backup carrier RFPs, awarded carriers will receive an email to accept or reject their awarded lanes.

If you have enabled Carrier Feedback, non-awarded carriers will be sent an email to review bid feedback detailing a percentage range for each lane of how far their proposals were from the awarded rate to adjust their pricing for future operations.


Article: How do I accept or reject awarded lanes on an RFP?

Article: How do I manage RFP Carrier Feedback Emails?


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