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How do I add Accessorials to RFPs?

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This article will cover how to add Accessorials to your RFPs and request rates from your carrier network. Choose from a list of Accessorials to add to the RFPs you create in ShipperGuide!


This article will cover:


Selecting Accessorials to add to RFPs

1. Click Untitledon the upper right corner of your page.

2. On your Settings page, click on the Procurement tab.

3. Under the Accessorials section, using the drop down menu, select from the list of accessorials to be added to RFPs. 


To view a list of all the accessorial fee types available, click here.



As accessorials are added, there will be a count next to the drop down symbol on the menu which indicates the number of accessorials that have been added.


We recommend adding all the Accessorials you might request from carriers. When creating RFPs you have the option to choose which accessorials you would like to include when creating your RFP.



4. Proceed to create an RFP.

From the Bid Details page, expand the Accessorials section to select all of the accessorial rates you would like to request from carriers to be included in your RFP. 

The request for Accessorial rates can be customized to each RFP as you choose. 

Carrier Workflow adding Accessorial Rates

When invited to bid on RFPs, carriers will have the option to add their accessorial rates from their bid invitations by clicking on the Accessorials tab.

They will need to submit these rates along with the bids they submit on the Lanes list. If the carrier does not include any rates on the Accessorials tab, the system will warn them before they confirm and submit their rates. 


Carriers have the option to add comments on the text fields under Notes next to each accessorial. They will also have visibility to the Last Rate they submitted and can update the rate if necessary by adding their new rate.


The following image is the bid invitation carriers will see upon submitting Accessorials:


Reviewing Submitted Accessorial Rates from Carriers

1. After carriers have submitted their rates with the accessorials, click on the pasted found under the Bids Received section next to the carrier’s rate. If the carrier did not submit any Accessorial rates the icon will be disabled.



2. View the Accessorial rates as well as any notes from the carrier on the pop up window.




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