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Benchmark Rates

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ShipperGuide offers a benchmarking feature to compare carriers’ proposals with the live market, short-term contracts, and target rates to help determine the fairest pricing for your transportation needs in a competitive market.

To view benchmark rates:

1. On your left dashboard, click RFP Guide.

2. On your bid status dashboard, navigate to bids and click on the RFP.

3. Click a lane to expand the Routing Guide panel.


Under Benchmark, your Target RateLive Market RateShort-Term Contract, and benchmark scale will be displayed. 


The Live Market Rate and Short-Term Contract rates match the fuel type on the RFP for benchmark rates to accurately compare with carriers’ proposals.

Click Show More to expand the section:

  • Click Edit to update your Target Rate
  • Click Update to refresh the Live Market Rate.
  • Click Update to refresh the Short-Term Contract Rate.


Important: The live market and short-term contract only support US lanes.

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