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Squad: #opendock
Version: NOVA V4.23.0 - 65304AC


Carrier Scheduling - Users are now able to choose a dock when rescheduling an appointment.
Problem: Warehouses can opt to allow (carrier) scheduling users to select dock when scheduling an appointment. While they could do that when scheduling the appointment, they weren’t given the option to select dock when trying to reschedule (we would automatically assign them to a dock).
Solution: This fix introduces the ability to select a dock when rescheduling an appointment keeping the feature and experience consistent.

Direction to fill out empty required fields when hitting the Create Appointment Button.
Appointment fields are often times required, meaning the appointment cannot be created without filling out the required information.
Problem: Even though we would validate and not allow for creating appointments without required fields, we were not providing clear feedback on the needed action.
Solution: We now direct users to the required fields when they hit Create Appointment, letting them know the information required is missing.

Filtering out Reserves from Appointment Search results

Reserves are not appointments but closed time slots used to block availability. It made no sense that they were returning to the appointment search functionality. And when returning, they would clutter data filtered by the search. To solve that, we’ve removed reserves from the search results.

Now when users are searching for appointments, they will only get standard appointments as results.

AWS Migration:
Happening this Saturday! Learn more Here

System Updates: 
-  Help Button now directs users to the right URL. Previous URL was broken.
- Support to International Countries: Singapore

- Zendesk button not working on Luna (Carrier View)
- [Notifications Template] Content Block: Hyperlink functionality does not allow for adding URL to text

- [Mobile] Fix date display for Dwell/Arrival time


- [Sandbox] Phone number validatoris not working for international numbers

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