Opendock is Moving to AWS

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We are moving Opendock from our current cloud hosting solution to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The move to AWS will help us continue scaling and supporting our customers and their growth.

When:  1/27/24, Saturday; 6 PM ET to 12 AM ET

Impact:  Opendock will be down to 4-6 hours for the migration

Preparation:  Most users will experience no impact after the migration. However, if your IT team whitelists domains they will need to add a new domain name to the whitelist.


We recommend whitelisting all opendock related domains:

  • *

There are no other changes to domains.  Friendly reminder for IT teams, here are the other Opendock domains:

  • Email URLs for white listing

  • Opendock URLs for white listing
    • * → This whitelists all Opendock related domains
    • If you prefer to whitelist by subdomain, use the following:
      • ← NEW


  • How will this affect me as a user?
    • This should have no impact on Opendock users
  • Will this erase my data?
    • There will be no impact on the data
  • Will this change how I log in or the web address?
  • Will my IT department need to whitelist new domains or URLs?
    • Yes, we have added a new URL of
    • If your IT team explicitly whitelists individual URLs, they will need to add
    • We recommend whitelisting the entire domain by *
  • Will Opendock be more reliable on AWS?
    • Reliability is our top priority and the move to AWS will allow us to bring more platform and security resources to the team to provide the best Opendock experience.
  • Does Opendock share its AWS account with Loadsmart?
    • Opendock has its own AWS instance with the appropriate permission and access levels for Opendock team members.
  • Is Opendock data separate from other Loadmsart product data?
    • Opendock data is maintained in its own AWS instance is not accessible by other business units and follows appropriate audit and business controls.
  • Is Opendock or Loadsmart SOC2 certified?
    • Loadsmart is in the process of a SOC2 audit in 2024 Q1 which will include all business units including Opendock.  The audit is projected to complete at the end of Q1 with results available in 2024 Q2.

We will continue to provide more details as we move closer to the migration date.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer success analyst or send an email to

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