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How do I add/delete a lane on an RFP?

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After setting the bid details, you can create lanes for the bid. If you want to import lanes in mass, please see the Lane Template Upload article.

To add a lane:

1. On your left dashboard, click RFP Guide.

2. Click Untitled__3_.png > select the RFP.

3. On the RFP, click pasted_image_0__16_.png

4. A panel will appear on the right side of the page. Enter the lane details:

  • Required: Origin and Destination - enter city, state, or zip code or select from an existing facility.

If zip codes are not specified, the system will randomly select a zip code based on the city and state combination. US, Canadian, and Mexico lanes are supported.

  • Optional: Click Untitled__2_.png to add additional stops between the origin and destination. You can add up to 3 additional stops.
  • RequiredMiles - if the mileage calculator is enabled, the miles will automatically calculate based on the origin, additional stops, and destination zip codes. Please use whole numbers only.

Important: Mexico zip codes will not be auto-calculated with the mileage calculator. Mileage will need to be manually entered.

  • Required: Lane ID - will default as a combination of the origin/destination zip codes and equipment type if not specified.
  • RequiredVolume/Loads 
  • RequiredEquipment Type
  • RequiredEquipment Size - required if the RFP mode is DRAY
  • Optional: Notes
  • Target Rate - required to enable benchmark pricing when awarding carriers otherwise optional
  • Optional: Fields - add 5 additional fields for the lane. The fields will be available on the carrier’s bid page, bids, and awarded lanes CSV files. You can set default fields for each truck mode in the Modes settings, which will automatically be added to the lane details.


5. Click Untitled__1_.png Repeat steps 2 to 4 to create additional lanes.

If additional stops were added, hover over the icon next to the destination to view the additional stop details.



To delete a lane:

1. On the RFP, select the lane(s) you want to delete.

2. Click DELETE.

blobid2 (4).png

3. A pop-up window will be prompted to confirm you would like to delete the lane(s). Click

After adding the lanes to the RFP, you can select carriers for bid invitations. Please see the following article on invite carriers to bid on an RFP.

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