Opendock Nova Release | Version 1.63.37

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1. Recurring Appointments

You now have the ability to create and delete a Recurring Appointment series! Editing the Recurring Appointment series will be coming soon. Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn more.



2. Require Unique Reference Number

You can now enforce a unique Reference Number for all appointments at your warehouse. This can be found on the Org Settings page and once enabled, all warehouses in your Org will require a unique Reference Number for all Scheduled, Arrived, and Completed appointments. Uniqueness will not be enforced on Cancelled or NoShow appointments.



3. Appointment Tags Display On Grid & Hover-Over

With our last release, you were able to create custom Org level appointment tags. Now these colorful tags will display on the calendar grid and the appointment hover-over!



4. Appointment Reports Improvements

Reporting just keeps getting better! You can now select which columns to export under the Insights page > Reporting tab. You can also filter the data and save the report.



5. Appointment Creation Stepper Summary

Due to working in a fast paced environment, sometimes there are distractions in the middle of creating an appointment. Having a summary of your previous selections will help remind you where you left off.




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