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Creating/Deleting Recurring Appointments

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Schedule a Recurring Appointment Series as a Warehouse user 

After an appointment has been created: 

    1. Open the appointment window, click the Screen_Shot_2022-08-10_at_1.50.24_PM.png icon on the top right
    2. Choose the respective days the appointment will occur
    3. Choose how far out to schedule the recurring series
    4. Choose the fields you want to copy
    5. Click create recurrence

Delete a Recurring Appointment as a Warehouse user

After the recurring appointment series has been created: 

  1. From the appointment window or the appointment grid, click the Screen_Shot_2022-08-10_at_1.50.24_PM.png icon
  2. This will open another modal that allows deleting the series
  3. Choose delete series

Please note: All past appointments in the series will not be deleted. Only future appointments will be deleted.

Note: currently users cannot edit the recurring series.

A Recurring Appointment Series can be created for a maximum of 105 weeks out (~2 years).


If there are any existing appointments that conflict with the Recurring Appointment Series, a message will appear showing how many of the new recurring appointments could not be created and a list of these. There's also an Export List option.


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