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Adding Carrier Company

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What is a Carrier Company 

The Carrier Company is simply the carrier's organization, the company they work for. Again, Opendock generically uses the term "carrier" to represent any external scheduler (e.g. vendor, supplier, broker, truck driver, etc.). Please feel free to track other company names that may not fall directly into the "carrier" company category.

How to Create a Carrier Company

When creating a carrier contact, you'll be able to create and assign their carrier company. 

  1. After finishing the first step of creating a carrier contact, click the 'Next' button
  2. At the bottom, click the 'Create a New Company' button
  3. Enter the company name (required) and the SCAC code (optional)
  4. Click the 'Save Company' button
  5. Click the 'Add Carrier Contact' button

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