[Opendock] Warehouse 2-Way SMS Communication Tool with Drivers

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Product: Opendock

Context: Our biggest challenge in providing this today is the lack of a driver phone #.  Most of Opendock's appointments are scheduled by operations teams and dispatchers, who do not provide a driver phone #.  This is especially difficult for brokerages, large carriers, and LTL operators who often schedule appointments before they know the specific driver assigned to the shipment.  Without knowing the specific driver, they are unable to provide the driver's phone #.  

Idea:  Allow warehouses to capture driver phone numbers and communicate with them directly in Nova via 2-way SMS messaging.

Providing this functionality eliminates the need for warehouse staff to physically walk around the yard, locate trucks, and provide instructions. This improves speed/efficiency while also a major improvement in safety by preventing staff from walking through a busy yard/dock parking area.

Let us know what you think and vote on the Idea!


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    Mario De Leon

    This is 100 % true.  I love this idea.  Its a must.


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