My Appointments Page

Your Appointments page will display all appointments scheduled by or assigned to your user (email). 

Filters: Appointments on the My Appointments page by default are filtered by 7 days.

  • By selecting Custom filter, you can select a date range to filter your appointments. You can also see the list of appointments for the day, by clicking on “Today”, and even have ALL your appointments being pulled to the list by selecting option “All”.

Summary: Cards at the top of the page will give you a view of, based on the filters, how many appointments you have in each status.

Searches: You can user the search option to narrow down your search even further, say, for example, by typing warehouse name or any other appointment information. 

Appointment management: By clicking on the arrow next to the appointment, you will be directed to the details of the appointment, where you can Cancel, Reschedule, Provide ETA or Edit Details to the appointment.

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