Booking an Appointment

  1. Start by Searching or Selecting a Warehouse from your Favorite Warehouses or Recent Warehouses.
    You can search facilities by Company Name, Warehouse Name, or Warehouse address, once you’ve located it, you can click on the card of the Facility and proceed to Scheduling the Appointment
  2. Read Warehouse Instructions before proceeding to Book the Appointment
    Warehouse instructions oftentimes will contain important information you need to know before creating the appointment. They can be guidelines for how the appointment has to be created and can clarify details you will need to fill out as you create the appointment.
  3. Click on Book Appointment at the top right of the Instructions page
  4. Select Load Type
  5. Select Dock (Not all facilities allow for Carriers to select a dock, they may at times be automatically assigned)
  6. Choose a date and time for the appointment
    We will display only slots open to booking according to the warehouse availability. Dates or times not shown indicate that they are closed.
  7. Fill out appointment details
    Some fields might be required, meaning that the appointment cannot be created without them, others, might be optional. Once all the required fields have been filled out, you can complete the appointment booking.
  8. After completing the appointment creation you can review all appointment details and the warehouse you’ve scheduled to will be added to your Recent Warehouses List

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