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We are excited to announce ShipperGuide is now offering within the platform a 60 day free trial of FreightWaves SONAR market-level Outbound Tender Rejection Index (OTRI) data, along with Contract Rate Benchmark using real contract rate data from hundreds of thousands of unique loads to assist you in making more informed procurement decisions.


The ShipperGuide TMS and FreightWaves SONAR partnering offers an initial 60 day free trial with the option to subscribe to a paid subscription after the free trial to continue using the market insight on the platform. 


Customize the lane data you want to see by using the Add Lane feature. Your lanes will begin to populate the current day’s data and will begin to build historical data from there after you initially add them. The FreightWaves section in ShipperGuide will automatically populate data for all dates from the day you added the lanes to the current date, allowing you to see trends in the data over time. 



This article will cover:



Enable the Free Trial to FreightWaves SONAR

1. Log into ShipperGuide. Click on FreightWaves under the Apps section on your left side menu. Then click on “Try free for 60 days”.

Please note: After the 60 day free trial, you will NOT be automatically charged. 



2. After clicking , if the data appears blurred, reload the page. 


A sample dataset with exemplary lanes will appear at first. Feel free to delete those lanes by clicking on “Delete all lanes” and add your own lanes. 




We encourage you to add as many lanes as possible to build your historical data. If you no longer find the lane relevant you can delete it and add it back as needed. You will still be able to recover the historical data once you upload the lane again. 


Our current FreightWaves SONAR feature only covers US to US lanes only. 


Add Lanes

1. To add lanes manually click .


2. Fill out the Add a New Lane form:

  • Select the equipment: Van or Reefer
  • Enter the Origin
  • Enter the Destination


3. Click .

Add Multiple Lanes

1. Download the template by clicking  


2. Enter lane details using the template file:

  • Equipment: Van or Reefer
  • Origin City
  • Origin State
  • Origin Zip Code
  • Destination City
  • Destination State
  • Destination Zip Code


Please note: The template file allows you to use either City/State OR Zipcode OR both for Origin and Destination lane detail.

The upload file must be a CSV file and is limited to 500 lanes.



3. Click .


4. Click .


5. Refresh the webpage if the data appears blurry. 




Reviewing FreightWaves SONAR Data

Sort: Use the sort function by clicking on Date, Origin, Destination or Equipment columns to group the lane entries to see the market trends by its specified columns.


By Date                                   By Origin



Search Bar: Search using City, State, Zip, or Equipment


Flat Rate / RPM Toggle: View data using the toggle between flat rates and rates per mile


Delete All Lanes: Deletes all lanes in the user interface. Historical lane data will be saved to access in the future once the lane is re-added. 




Breakdown of Metrics


Contract Market Rate 

Consist of contract rates that are calculated using paid contract rates from hundreds of thousands of unique loads. The calculation is weighted aggregation across space and time. The rates are all-in (line-haul and fuel).

  • Consist of Van and Refrigerated Truck Freight
  • Contract Market Rates are updated on weekly basis every Monday
  • Current: the median all-in rate (RPM and flat) that corresponds to the origin, destination, equipment type and date. 
  • High: the high-end (67th percentile) that corresponds to the origin, destination, equipment type and date. 
  • Low: the low-end (33rd percentile) that corresponds to the origin, destination, equipment type and date
  • Miles: the volume weighted distance between origins and destinations of the data points aggregated to calculate the rates
  • Volume: the total number of load aggregated to calculate the rates
  • Time Window: the volume weighted average time interval (calculated from the date) of every data point aggregated to calculate the rates
  • Confidence Score: The confidence score is based on the number of datapoints and the variability of rates in the data sample with 1 indicating the lowest confidence level and 5 the highest. 


Outbound Tender Rejection Index (OTRI)

Measured as a percentage of loads rejected to total loads tendered in an outbound market.

  • Consist of Van and Refrigerated Truck Freight
  • OTRI is updated daily
  • Percentage-based: example: 3.18 value under OTRI Current column is 3.18%


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