Opendock Nova Release | Version 4.28.0

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Squad: #opendock
Version: NOVA V4.28.0 - 6912FCF



  • International Support: Belgium
  • Feature Flags: Not customer-facing
    Feature flags will unlock huge opportunities for faster release cycles, early customer feedback and validations and ensure safer releases with a much stronger and easier rollback plan. This is one of the many steps we will be taking throughout the year to ensure a scalable product that does not fail our customers.
  • Custom Forms: Not customer-facing
    Custom forms are the technical solution that will unlock the majority of the features we have planned for H1:
    Damage Tracking
    Fields Required per Dock/Load Type
    ISR 2305 Compliance
  • AWS Migration Completed!


  • Checkin with appointment identifier bigint errors out
  • Recurring appointments TIMELINE issue
  • Canada phone numbers are not being validated correctly
  • [Reference Number] Conflict on Org vs Warehouse Level Settings
  • Phone number validator is not working for international numbers
  • TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'orgId')
  • Zendesk Bubble not working on LUNA
  • TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
  • [Mobile] Fix date display for Dwell/Arrival times
  • [Notifications Template] Content Block: Hyperlink functionality does not allow for adding URL to text

Scaling and AWS migration

  • Optimize slow query from search appointments and make it read from read-only repository
  • Migrate old dashboard to new datadog account
  • AWS Production Environment Variables

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