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We have expanded In-app Chat to be used throughout the lifecycle of a shipment. From the quote cycle through to the invoice of a shipment. Keep all your communications centralized and stored in one place!


Chat within Quoting Execution

1. To access the chat feature from the quoting process, navigate to the quote details page.

2. Click on> Open Carrier Chat or Counter Offer next to the invited carrier’s bid response.


3. Enter your message in the “Say something...” textbox or enter the details in the prompt in the counter offer field. 



4. The carrier will receive your message via email and can respond to that email. The response will be sent to the spot quote chatbox and an email notification will be sent. 

Carriers may initiate a conversation from their Spot Quote request as well via the Notes section. These messages will also be saved within the spot quote chatbox.

5. Once the Spot Quote is booked, any chat conversations executed during this process will be carried over to the chats within the Shipment execution process. 



Chat within Shipment Execution

1. To access the chat feature from the shipment process, navigate to the shipment details page. 

Please note the shipment must be booked to execute a chat conversation using the shipment process.

2. Click on the Shipment Menu button > Open Shipment Chat.

A shipment chat can be created without any prior Quote Chat. However, if any prior Quote Chat conversation existed, it will carry over onto the Shipment Chat.




3. Use the Menu button within the chat to Edit the Chat Name, Manage the participants within the chat group, or Leave the chat group

4. From the Shipment Details page you may also access the carrier chat by clicking:

  • “Open Carrier Chat” within the Carrier section 
  • “Ask Carrier for Updates” within the Tracking Process section
  • “Request Invoice” within the Invoice section under the Docs and Changes tab



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