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ShipperGuide is excited to introduce In-App chat! Users now have the ability to communicate with their carriers and colleagues within ShipperGuide. Here, we’ll walk you through how to get started.


1. Find the In-App Chat icon within the fixed top bar found at the top right of your screen, .


2. The Chat Box side drawer will open from the right side of the screen. Click or .

This page will also list any existing chats you created or are included in.



3. To start creating your contact list, click


4. Fill out the details in the New Contact pop-up:

  • Required: Contact Type
    • Carrier
    • Other
  • Required: Name
  • Required: Email
  • Optional: Phone
  • Required: Nest Contact Under - only required for “Carrier” contact type


Save the contact by clicking and begin your chat.

5. Enter your message in the “Say something” text field and click or “Return/Enter” on your keyboard.

6. Your message will be sent as an email where the contact can reply directly sending their response to the chat box. 



New chat message notifications will be indicated by you Chat Box icon,.


To set push notifications to your web browser alerting you when you receive new messages, click on the Chat Box icon from the main screen and click .



Add Additional Contacts

1. Click on the Chat Box Icon. 

2. Click   

3. Click on the menu button > .



If you feel you were a victim of any type of abuse, misbehavior, or threat, please send us an email at with the email of the person you were chatting with. We'll conduct an investigation to make sure ShipperGuide is a safe place for all users. 

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