How do I use the Book Now feature?

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ShipperGuide now offers you a way to reduce the time it takes to book a shipment with your carriers by enabling an auto tender rule to your target rate. The Book Now feature will help you book your shipments quickly to efficiently manage your shipping needs.


A Target Rate must be present on your quote before you can enable the Book Now feature. At this time, a target rate can only be added through your integration with ShipperGuide via your shipment creation.


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Enable Book Now

1. On your left dashboard, click Shipments.


2. Select the shipment to be planned.


3. In the Rate section of the shipment details page, a “Target Rate” should be listed here. 


Click .


4. Click the checkbox under the Target Rate.


Please note: This must be done prior to sending out the quote invitations to the carrier network as this will enable the target rate feature on their bid invitation.




5. Click on the Invite Carriers tab to select and invite your carriers to bid on the quote. 



7. Click on the “Invite to Bid” next to the carrier to invite the carriers individually. Or select multiple carriers and click .


A pop-up window will ask you to confirm if you wish to offer the carriers the Book Now option, click Book Now to send the invitation. 


Book Now Carrier Bid Experience

Upon receiving the Spot Bid invitation, the carrier will be shown the proposed target rate. The first carrier to accept the Book Now offer will be awarded and tendered the shipment.



If the carrier is not able to accept the Book Now rate, the carrier can select “Send another proposal” which will allow them to submit a spot bid. 


As soon as a carrier accepts the Book Now rate, the quote bid acceptance will be closed. Once carrier selects Book Now.


What the carrier that selected Book Now will see:


What other carriers see if the Quote has been already been booked: 


In ShipperGuide, the shipment will automatically be sent to booked status and the shipment will simultaneously be tendered and accepted by the carrier.


Bulk Carrier Invite with Book Now Enabled

When using the Bulk Carrier Invite, before sending the bid requests, click the checkbox to send the Book Now options where applicable.


For additional instructions on how to perform Bulk Carrier Invites, please see our HelpCenter article here.



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