How do I set an appointment?

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After a shipment has been booked, a carrier will receive an email containing a link to the shipment details where they can view and schedule stop appointments. 

Shippers integrated with the Opendock warehouse platform will have the logo next to the appointment. To schedule appointments on Opendock, click and follow the instructions prompted on the window.

This article will cover:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • View shipper set appointment
  • Reschedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment

1. If a shipper requests a carrier to schedule an appointment, the button will be available next to the stop. Click Schedule.

2. A pop-up window will appear.

Enter the appointment details:

  • Required: Appointment Date - set date
  • Required: Type
    • Appointment (default selection)
    • FCFS (First Come First Serve - pickup/delivery window)
  • Required: Loading Type
    • Live (default selection)
    • Drop
  • Required: Time: Numerical format must be entered in military time containing 4 digits (example: for “1:00 PM” would be entered as “1300”). Please make sure the appointment time reflects the timezone of the facility.
    • Between: Carrier must arrive between the specified time (best used if Type is FCFS window)
    • Specific: Carrier must arrive at the specified time
  • Optional: Confirmation Number

3. Click

If the appointment is outside of the shipper’s suggested schedule, please provide a rescheduling reason.

The OUT OF REQUESTED TIME status will remain on appointment until the shipper acknowledges the appointment request change.


View shipper set appointments

If the shipper has scheduled the appointment, the appointment will be listed next to the stop on the shipment page. Click Open Appointment to view the details.


Reschedule an appointment:

1. Next to the stop, click Open Appointment

2. A pop-up window will appear. Update the appointment details and provide a reason.

3. Click  

The appointment will be updated on the shipper’s shipment. If the appointment is outside of the shipper’s suggested schedule, the shipper will need to acknowledge the appointment request change.


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