Opendock Nova Release | Version 4.22.0

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Update 01/10/2024

Check out a list of the latest updates to Opendock: We are establishing the groundwork for an amazing 2024

What’s New

Bug Fixes

  • [Regression] Dock order not respected on Grid

  • [Regression] Changing docks order messes existing WH Notifications Settings

  • Editing an appointment without saved customFields does not get CF template from warehouse

  • Load Types schedule quick actions not working when creating new LT

  • [Gate Management] Document upload loading feedback

  • [Regression] Number field type is getting an Invalid error message

  • [TV Mode] Tags covering appt data

  • "Create Dock" action doesn't take you to the "Docks" tab

  • [API] 1 second intervals for availability: remove them from the results.

  • [Custom Notifications] Template Subject text is cutoff

  • [Mobile] Fix date display for Dwell/Arrival times

  • [API] Error 500 when trying to create dock

  • [API] Duplicate tags showing in Appointment Audit Log

  • TypeError: this.selectedDocks[0] is undefined

  • Edit reserves from search results send bogus time to the backend

  • Rescheduling an appointment via Helios should not mess up tags

  • [Gate Management] [Regression] Custom fields unintentionally interacting with each other

System Updates

  • CODEOWNERS for 2024 onwards - users cleanup

  • Update Nova repository with each product information

  • [International Support] Add support to Country: Turkey

  • Fix Gluon to work as storage provider for Unleash

  • Create feature flag service for Neutron

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