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Upload of Warehouse Map

Facilities can now upload a Map of the warehouse to direct Drivers to the correct entry points, check-in areas, and parking areas. This may seem like a small thing, but can be a huge problem solver for warehouses that have multiple trucks arriving at the same time and in need of directions and instructions.

You can customize the map by highlighting entry points and parking areas and upload the file so carriers can have access to it. 

Warehouse users: Go to Carrier View > Map Upload 

Carriers can view the warehouse map by going to the Yard Map tab


Mobile - Reference Number is now displayed on Mobile view

We know that appointments are often identified by their Reference Numbers and so it's important to have that information displayed on mobile view. 

Make sure to check-out our Mobile Web experience by logging into Opendock with your phone.
It feels like using an App without needing to download one!


Gate Management Interface Improvements

We worked on interface improvements to make the Carrier Self-Check-in experience even more delightful.
We’ve updated layouts, fonts and adjusted the responsiveness of screens to fit different mobile phone sizes

Curious about how our Gate Management feature works? Learn More

Request our Gate Management feature by going to Warehouse Settings > Gate Management > Request Feature Button
Our Support Team will get in touch to arrange for a Demo and answer all your questions


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