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More Warehouse Level Settings

We heard you! We know how important it is for warehouses (even in the same company) to be able to customize their settings.  Each operation has its own process and needs, so we are bringing more org-level settings to the warehouse.


Time Display as a Warehouse Setting

You can now define time display preferences by warehouse. Choose between military or standard time. Go to Warehouse > Settings > Time Display


Customize Notifications per Warehouse

Each warehouse can now customize each email notification type with text, hiding unimportant details or highlighting critical information.
Got to Warehouse > Settings > Appointment Notifications. Use the pencil icon to edit each notification template and customize them. 


Reference Number Configured by Warehouse

You can now set up reference numbers differently throughout warehouses under the same org. Go to Warehouse > Warehouse Settings > Reference Number


Remember the Opendock Web Mobile Experience is Here!

You can easily access Opendock on your mobile device for search, list view, and managing appointments on the go!
Make sure to log out and log back in on your device, to fully benefit from all the amazing updates and improvements we've made to our mobile web experience.

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