Managing Automated Statements

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This article provides information on how you can manage automated statements.

We prepared a helpful and short video for you to watch. Take a look:

All the statements are automatically generated. And if you need to edit them, go to Accounting > Statements. You can use the filter options to find a specific statement.

Use the narrows to open the statement and click on it to see the details.

  • You can add deductions manually or by importing fuel card transactions to a statement.
  • You can also add reimbursements.
  • You can edit or remove loads from a statement depending on your needs and on the loads' statuses.

Don't forget to click the 'Save' button to save the information. 

Once everything is done and you have already paid the driver, you can mark the statement as 'paid' by clicking the 3 dots icon next to the statement status, selecting 'paid', and then clicking 'Update'. 

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