How to manage Loads

This article provides information on how you can manage the created loads.

Here is a helpful and short video tutorial to guide you through the process:

Go to Operations > Loads.

Select a load and you'll see all the information on the details page of the load you want to manage.

The map provides a real-time view of your load progress. You can also learn more about their statuses in the Load Statuses article.

  • If you need to change it from 'scheduled' to 'en route', you should change it to 'active'.
  • Once a load is delivered, you can click the 'complete' button to automatically change the status to 'delivered'.
  • Besides this, there are other management options regarding documents you can go through as Rate confirmation, BOL, etc.
  • You can also add relevant notes.

In order to edit the load and change its structure, go to 'Edit' on the top right of the page. The article Editing a Load can help you with it. Don't forget to fill out all the required fields and click 'Save Load' when you're done.

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