Customizing the Appointment Grid

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You can customize the view of the appointment details shown on the Appointment Grid Tiles.

Select, Hide, and Reorder information according to relevance, creating a custom view of the details of the appointments.

Go to Warehouse Settings > Custom Appointment Grid to Enable the Customization and start configuring what you want to display on the Appointment Tiles for your Warehouse. 


1. Toggle the Setting to “Enabled” to have access to configure this setting.

2. Once Enabled, you can unselect (choose to hide) appointment details that are unimportant to the Grid View.

3. By clicking and holding the reorder icon to the left of the Selection box, you can reorder the information however you want to see it displayed on the Appointment Grid Tile.

4. The Custom Tile View Mode also includes a clearer identification for Inbound/Outbound with an Icon fixed at the top left corner of the Appointment Tile


Note: By disabling the feature, your Appointment Tiles will be restored to our default visualization Mode.


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