Universal Factoring

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Why does Universal Factoring exist?

Carriers work with many different factoring companies. CarrierTMS allows sending multiple invoices to factoring by clicking just one button, but this works with factoring companies in which we have an integration (RTS and Basicblock).

Now, you can set your factoring company email and preferred load ID (CTMS load ID or the load’s reference number). Once this is set, you can send invoices to factoring by clicking the Send to Factoring button, and invoices can be shipped one by one or in bulk.

Note: Universal Factoring is NOT an integration.


To enable this feature, click on "Submit a Request" on our homepage


After enabled, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to General Settings > Accounting.

  2. Under Factoring Information, enable the Direct-to-Factoring Invoicing toggle. 

  3. Fill out the Factoring email, Preferred Load ID, Factoring Company details, and their client number.


Here's a video with further details: 

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