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What TONU means?

"Truck order not used". That means a shipper booked a truck to use and canceled it. Hence, the carrier can charge the shipper not for the load rate but as a TONU charged.


TONU is different than a simple canceled load

It is a canceled load, but it has a TONU accessorial charge.

For example, if a shipper books a truck to move a load, and the shipper cancels on the day of the pickup (when the driver is on the way to the pickup). In this case, the carrier will charge the shipper for the time and mileage used. The charge will be TONU.


Canceling a Load as TONU

  1. On your left dashboard, go to Operations > Loads.
  2. Search for the load.
  3. On the top right corner of the load profile page, click on More > Cancel.

  4. A pop-up window will show to confirm that you would like to cancel the load. Click TONU to proceed.

The status of the load will change to TONU:


Important: when a load is TONU'd, a couple of things happen automatically:

  1. Load rate is set to 0

  2. Mileage is set to 0 on all segments


TONU and Invoices

Loads with TONU status can be approved for invoicing. To prevent this, remove the status from the load by clicking on TONU on the load.

  1. Click on the TONU flag.

  2. A pop-up window will verify confirmation that you want to remove TONU. Click Confirm:

The load will change to Cancelled status, and the invoice will be removed from the list of invoices ready to be approved. 



TONU and Statements

Loads set for TONU do not appear on the driver's statement unless additional pay is added to the load for the driver.

If the load was once canceled as TONU and no additional pay is defined in the load for the driver, the load won't be available on the Statements because the driver will not be paid - even if the load status is now "Approved."

To add the additional payment to the load: 

  1. Go to Operations > Loads > Select a Load
  2. Click on Edit Load > Routes > Edit.

  3. Click on Add Additional Driver pay.

  4. Enter the Description, Category, and Amount > Save Segment > Save Load.
  5. The additional pay for the driver will be added to the statement: 


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