Editing Segments on the Statement

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Modifications to statements are restricted to "opened" and "partially locked" statuses exclusively.

Changes are not permitted if a statement is in a "fully unlocked" state. 


Hybrid Statements

Carriers can move loads/segments from one statement to another, even if they are automatically generated statements. To do so, you'll need to remove the load/segment from its original statement to add it to the new one. Here is how to do it:

Your statement should have a trash bin icon next to each load. Click on the icon to delete the load: 

To add a load to the statement, click Add new load > Choose the date range > Select the loads accordingly. 

Note: You can add loads that haven't been assigned to any statements. Only unassigned loads will be displayed here.


To enable this feature, click on "Submit a Request" on our homepage.

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