Motive/KeepTruckin Integration

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CarrierTMS integrates with Motive to optimize and automate fleet management all in one TMS system. 

The integration includes:

  • Real-time updates on trucks’ locations
  • Precise geofencing for automatic updates on load statuses
  • Sync truck’s odometer readings to enable mileage alerts for maintenance
  • Updates on engine status and miles per hour speed
  • Automatic document uploads from the driver’s Motive app to CarrierTMS load
  • Sync driver’s HOS (hours of service) for compliant driver scheduling
  • Import mileage data for the IFTA report

This article will cover:

  • How to connect to Motive
  • Upload documents from Motive to CarrierTMS
  • Upload receipts from Motive to CarrierTMS
  • Sync driver’s hours of services

To connect CarrierTMS to Motive ELD integration:

1. On your CarrierTMS account, go to Settings > Integrations > ELD

2. On the Motive card, click Install

3. On the Motive - Connect Service card, click Next. You will redirected to the Motive login page.

4. Login to your Motive account.

5. You will be directed to the authorization screen. Click Install.

6. You'll be redirected to your Carrier TMS account integrated with the Motive integration.

Important: If trucks with matching truck numbers exist in CarrierTMS, the trucks will automatically populate on the Truckboard once the integration is enabled.


To upload documents from Motive to CarrierTMS:

Document Upload FAQ:

  • CarrierTMS is syncing documents from Motive every 15 mins
  • It will only sync documents uploaded in the last 24 hours
  • Document types and fields are hardcoded in Motive and are noneditable.
  • Motive - Upload Documents FAQ Page

1. Log in to the Motive mobile app.

2. On the home menu, select Documents

3. On the Documents screen, click + on the bottom right corner.

4. Tap on Select Document dropdown menu.

5. Select the document type.

6. Enter in required fields. In the Notes section, add the CarrierTMS Load Number. Please keep in mind that the load number needs to match both systems to sync the document.

7. Click Add Photo, to select an existing photo or take a new photo.

8. Click Save in the upper right corner.

9. After 15 minutes, verify the document was uploaded to the load in CarrierTMS. The document will be displayed under the Uploaded Documents on the load page.


Upload drivers’ receipts from Motive to CarrierTMS:

The driver will need to select the document type Scale Ticket when uploading receipts to Motive.

Also, the driver’s name must be the same in both systems for the receipt to match the driver’s profile in CarrierTMS.


Once the receipt is successfully uploaded, it can be found in the driver’s profile under Accounting.

Driver’s Hours of Service Sync

The driver’s HOS (hours of service) are synced based on the External ID in Motive and the driver’s Fleet ID in CarrierTMS. As long as the driver’s email matches in both systems, you will not have to manually add the Fleet ID in CarrierTMS as there is an automated process that runs every hour that updates the Fleet ID in CarrierTMS. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below to manually add the Fleet ID to sync the driver’s HOS:

1. Copy the driver’s External ID in Motive. The External ID can be found on the URL link when viewing the driver’s profile from the admin section.

2. On CarrierTMS, on your left dashboard, go to Fleet > Drivers

3. Select the driver.

4. Under Fleet ID, enter Motive-external ID



5. Click Save Driver

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