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With this Universal direct-to-factoring invoice feature, you can send multiple invoices all at once to the factoring company you work with, via email, by clicking just one button - regardless of whether your factoring company has an existing integration with CarrierTMS or not.


Here is a helpful and short video tutorial to guide you through the process:



First, set it up by going to Settings > General Settings, Accounting tab, and enable the option that says Direct-to-Factoring Invoicing by clicking on the gray switch (it will then become blue):

If you already have a factoring integration connected to your account, this warning will show up and you will not be able to activate the switch unless you disconnect that integration:

Then, fill out the fields:

  • Factoring Email (mandatory): the email address that CarrierTMS will send the invoices to, when you use the "Send to factoring" button
  • Preferred Load ID (mandatory): how the factoring company identifies the load - the load ID will be included on the email's subject and body, and it can be either the Load Number or the Load Reference Number
  • Factoring company details: name, address, phone number, etc
  • Factoring client number

Save invoice settings.


Sending invoices to factoring
After setting it up, go to Accounting > Invoices, Invoice ready tab. Filter by Status "Not invoiced".
Select one or more invoices by clicking on the checkboxes and click on the “Send to factoring” button.


The required information to send an invoice to factoring is Load ID, supporting documents, customer, and load rate.

If one or more of the invoices you selected do not have a Reference Number and this is the option you selected on the Settings as Load ID, you will see this warning message:

Once you click on Confirm, only the invoices that have that Load ID will be sent to factoring. You must then either add a Reference Number to the loads not sent or change your Load ID settings to use the Load Number instead of the Reference Number.

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