Understanding Gate Management

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Carrier Self Check-in


The first feature under our Gate Management module is the Carrier self check-in that allows each warehouse to:

  1. Have precise information on Arrival times: We timestamp the Driver's arrival using the Arrived Status
  2. Set up Custom Fields for the Driver to fill out upon check-in, collecting important information to be provided by the driver: You can create your own check-in form for rivers, including document upload
  3. Having the Appointment Status automatically updated to Carrier Arrived as soon as the check-in is completed: reduces the manual process and human contact
  4. Have all the information collected on Check-in updated into the appointment on NOVA: As soon as the appointment is checked into, all the collected info from drivers will live inside the appointment and be accessible to anyone managing the appointments



Find your Gate Management Settings under Warehouse Settings > Gate Management. In there, you will be able to access your facility‚Äôs QR Code and Check-in Template Sign: 


Driver's Experience

Drivers will scan a QR code as they get to the facility, and be directed to our check-in feature where they will easily go through the simple steps of:

  1. Identifying the Appointment: they will provide the Reference Number of the Appointment or Confirmation Number so we can verify if the appointment is valid*
  2. Filling out Customized additional fields the warehouse has created for Check-in (Check-in form)


How to set Up Check-in Fields (Check-in Form)

Using the Appointment Fields Feature - on Warehouse Management you can create the Custom Fields and set them to show up on check-in using the toggle at the bottom of the Create Field Modal.


How to see the information collected on check-in

Under the appointment details, all check-in fields will be available for updating and populated with the information drivers fill out during check-in.


What do I need to know about Carrier Self Check-in


Users can use EITHER Confirmation Number OR a Reference Number to check in to appointments.

For Each warehouse, we generate a QR Code and a URL that can be used to check in and is available under Warehouse Settings > Gate Management.

Check-in Rules:

Appointment Validation: Check-ins are only permitted for appointments on the Scheduled Status. We check if the appointment exists if it's under the Scheduled Status - meaning that it is available for check-in. Appointments marked as Cancelled, No-show, Arrived, In Progress, Completed, or still under Requested are not considered available for check-in).

Check-ins are only permitted 30 minutes before the appointment start time up to 24h after the appointment start time.


How to Request Carrier self check-in

Under Warehouse Settings you can Request the feature and our team will be in touch to have the feature enabled in your warehouses on NOVA.

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