Checking the Audit Logs

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Owner and admin users can now see the audit logs for the organization, users, warehouses and docks. They can be accessed in multiple areas where the following icon can be found:

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Org level audit logs can be accessed in My Organization > Org Settings tab > click the audit log button in the Org Name field.

The logs will show which changes have been made to the organization's settings, who made those changes, their date and time. There is a filter to show a specific date, as well as a search for specific types of events.

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The audit log for users can be found in the Users menu on the left-hand side panel. Its button will be to the right of each user. The log will show which changes have been made to that user, who made those changes, their date and time. The date can also be filtered to offer more ease when searching for changes made during a specific period of time.

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The same audit log button will show in the Warehouses menu on the left, providing similar information about updates made to each individual warehouse.

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To access the audit logs for docks, click Warehouses on the left, click the relevant warehouse, then the Docks tab at the top, and you will find the same audit log button providing information.

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At the appointment level, the audit log will appear at the bottom of the appointment pop-up window by clicking Timeline for Appointment Updates at the bottom.

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