Opendock Nova Release | Version 3.20.2

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1. Customize Your Email Notifications

Warehouse users can now configure their email notifications!  You can provide important information like check-in instructions, fees, or compliance info. Determine which fields to include or hide for every email type. You can even choose the order of the appointment fields to ensure the most crucial info takes center stage.

Check it out by going to My Organization > Settings > Appointment Notifications > Edit/Pencil Icon.

notifications v3


2. Military Time Format (24-Hour)
Start using the military time format (24-hour clock) and reduce potential confusion from the 12-hour AM/PM format. This helps provide standardized time representation, global compatibility, and helps ensure accurate time tracking.

To enable, go to My Organization > Settings > Time Display > Military Time (24-Hour).

Military Time


3. In Progress Time Displays and Countdowns
Our new "In Progress" feature will now display the total time between "Arrived" and "In Progress" on the Status Timeline. This is defined as the "Wait Time" to help you understand how long a carrier waited after they arrived at your facility.

In TV Mode, the "Processing" time will also be displayed. This is the amount of time that has elapsed since the appointment was marked "In Progress". This is to help your team see how long they have been working on an appointment. A countdown clock will also be displayed on the right side to show the time remaining based on the appointment's duration.

To use the "In Progress" status, go to My Organization > Settings > Appointment Statuses > "The Status That Follows Arrived" > "In Progress."

TV Mode-2


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