Opendock Nova Release | Version 3.16.1

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1. Appointment Grid Improvement

Users are now able to hide weekend days (Sat & Sun) on the Grid's week and month views, maximizing the space available for appointments to display. This enhancement adds significant value to the user experience by providing more screen real estate to see the information that really matters.


2. Hyperlink in Warehouse Instructions
Enhance your warehouse instructions with the new Hyperlink URL feature! Now, carriers can easily access additional documents and instructions shared by warehouse admins via a simple click. From fines to compliance documentation, this new feature ensures that important information is displayed during carrier scheduling and in appointment email notifications.


3. Enhanced SSO Management (SSO Provisioning)
We are excited to announce that our Single Sign On (SSO) clients can now manage their users seamlessly through their Identity Provider (IDP), with the ability to add and update users right from their IDP. This extended functionality is the result of feedback from existing customers and prospects, marking a strategic evolution of the feature. Feel free to reach out with any questions! Or learn more here.


4. Self Check-in Enhancements
Our newly enhanced Self Check-in feature now allows users to upload essential documents, ensuring a seamless check-in process. This eliminates paper-handling, improving efficiency and reducing chances of document loss. After completing check-in, users can swiftly start a new one with our "Start New Check-in" button, streamlining the workflow. This upgrade embodies our commitment to saving time and enhancing user experience in the logistics industry.

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