Opendock Nova Release | Version 3.22.18

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1. Warehouse Insights

Checkout our new Warehouse Insights dashboard and scorecard to see how all of your warehouses are performing. This includes dwell time, wait time, and on-time performance by location.  Now you can see what locations have longest dwell time resulting in detention fees, or report using our "In Progress" status to find out the root cause of wait times for door assignment or long loading/unloading times.

warehouse insights

2. Search Carrier Email Subscribers
Find your carriers even easier with the ability to search email subscribers. If you have added email subscribers to any carrier contacts they will now be searchable on the Carrier Contacts or when you are assigning a Carrier Contact in the appointment scheduling process.

email cc

3. Customize Your Email Notifications
In case you missed it in our last release, you now have the ability to customize any of the 12 email notification types! This means you can change your Appointment Scheduled email to include additional instructions about the guard shack location. Decide if you want to display the Confirmation # or the Reference #. Even change the order so the most important information displays first.

Check it out by going to My Organization > Settings > Appointment Notifications > Edit/Pencil Icon ✏️

notifications v3

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