Warehouse Insights

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The Warehouse Insights dashboard displays how all of your warehouses are performing, including: 

  • dwell time
  • wait time
  • on-time performance by location

Users may see which locations have the longest dwell times resulting in detention fees, or report on wait time by using our new "In Progress" status to find out the root cause of long loading/unloading times.


Difference between Dwell, Waiting and Processing Times

All three indicators can be seen under Performance Breakdown. Here are more information on them: 

Dwell Time: This tracks the total time a truck spends at the facility, from when the appointment is marked as Arrived until it is marked as Completed.

Waiting Time: This represents the time from Arrived to In Progress. This allows warehouses to track how long trucks are waiting in the yard before being loaded or unloaded.

Processing Time: This represents the time from In Progress to Completed. This enables warehouses to monitor the duration of the loading and unloading process.

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