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After carriers have accepted the tender, they will be redirected to the shipment page. Carriers will also receive an email containing a link to the shipment on the same day as the pickup or if the shipper requests shipment updates.

Also, carriers can access booked shipments from their Loadsmart carrier account:

On your Loadsmart account, go to MY LOADS > SHIPPER LOADS

This article will cover how to upload a PDF, JPG, or PNG document for a delivered shipment and send it directly to the shipper.

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1. On the shipment page, go to the Documents section.

2. If a document has not been added, the POD will be in pending status. Click Upload to add the POD document.

3. A pop-up window will appear. Drag and drop the file or click Browse File to add the POD. Click SEND PROOF OF DELIVERY.

The POD document will be sent directly to the shipper. The Proof of delivery status will change to  

If check-in/out timestamps have not been provided, the stops will remain in pending status. The shipper may request to provide the check-in/out information later.

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