Accessorial Fee Types

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Below find the current list of Accessorial Rates to choose from when creating an RFP.


0 - A B C D E F G H I L M N O P R S T U W
2nd Leg Line Haul Balance due EDI Capacity Charge Deficit Charge Escort Fee Flat Rate Gate Fee Handling In Bond Shipment Labor Management Service Fee Night Receiver Out of Route Miles Paper Invoice Fee Reclass Fee LTL Same Day Fee Tarp Unload at Destination Weekend Delivery
Accelerated Base Rate Capacity Load Delivery Appointment Excessive Length Freeze Protect Gross Freight Charge Hazmat Inside Delivery Late Fee Marking or Tagging Non Accommodating Fee Overdimensional Permit Reconsignment Saturday Delivery Team Service Up Charge White Glove Service
Additional charge Beyond Charge CCS (California Compliance Surcharge) Detention Excessive Value FTL Additional Capacity Fee Guaranteed High Cost Delivery Inside Pickup Layover Minimum Charge Non-Business Hours Delivery Overweight Pickup Appointment Redelivery Saturday Pickup TONU   Write off
After Hours Charge Blind Shipment Chargeback Disposal Fee Expedite Fuel Surcharge Guaranteed Friday to Monday High Cost Pickup   Liftgate   Non-Business Hours Pickup   Poly Wrap Reliable Contract Adjustment Scale Ticket Tradeshow    
Air Freight Bobtail Charged as Weight Driver Assist Extra Labor   Guaranteed Multi-Hour Window High Cost Service Area   Limited Access   Notify   Preloading Charges Remove Debris Single Shipment Tradeshow Delivery    
All in rate Bond Fee Claim Drop Fee     Guaranteed Single-Hour Window Holiday Delivery   Linehaul       Protect From Freezing Reschedule Fee Sort/Segregate Tradeshow Pickup    
Arbitrary Charge Border Crossing Fee Covid surcharge Dry Run           Linehaul Surcharge       Protect From Heat Residential Standard Rate Trailer Detention    
  Bridge Toll Cross Docking Dunnage           LTL BOL Correction Fee         Restack Fee Stop Off Trailer Wash    
                  LTL Cubic Capacity         Return Storage Transplace Fee    
                  LTL Liftgate Delivery         Reweigh Fee LTL Sunday Delivery      
                  LTL Liftgate Pickup           Sunday Pickup      
                  LTL Limited Access Delivery                  
                  LTL Limited Access Delivery Fee                  
                  LTL Limited Access Pickup                  
                  LTL Reconsignment Fee                  
                  LTL Residential Delivery                  
                  LTL Residential Pickup                  
                  LTL Sort/Segregate Delivery                  
                  LTL Sort/Segregate Pickup                  
                  Lumper Fee                  

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