How do I create a contract?

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This article will cover how to build contracts within ShipperGuide streamlining the process of tendering contracted lanes.


1. On your left dashboard, click Contracts.


2. Click "Create New Contract"


3. Enter Contract details:

  • Required: Contract Title
  • Required: Carrier
  • Required: Fuel Surcharge Type
  • Required: Mode (Note: Only FTL contracts can be created in ShipperGuide at this time.)

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4. Click "Create Contract".


5. Add Contract Lanes.

There are two options available when adding contract lanes, adding lanes individually by clicking blobid3 (3).png or by importing lanes clicking blobid4 (1).png .

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a.) To add contract lanes individually, click "+Add Lane". The Add Lane register will open to add the following:

Add lane details:

  • Required: Origin
  • Required: Destination
  • Required: Volume
  • Required: Equipment
  • Optional: Lane Ref.

Add Load and Rate details:

  • Required: Rate Type
  • Required: Flat Rate / Rate per mile (This will be dependent on the Rate Type you choose)
  • Optional: Minimum Charge
  • Optional: Minimum Weight 
  • Optional: Maximum Weight

Add Period and Extra Information details:

  • Required: Lane Starts
  • Required: Lane Ends
  • Required: Status (Options: Active or Inactive)
  • Required: Award Type (Options: Primary or Backup)
  • Optional: Notes


Click "Submit".


b.) To add contract lanes using lane import, click blobid4 (1).png

A pop-up window will appear. Click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE.   


Format Cells:

Use the lane template file to list the lanes to be imported to your contract. The table below serves as a guide that defines the required or optional fields and the accepted formats or possible options you can select while filling out the template file. Each import allows a maximum of 100 lanes


Column Format Acceptable Options Required/Optional
Lane Ref     Optional
Origin City     Required
Origin State Limit of two characters   Required
Origin Postal Code First three-digit zip code range feature   Optional

Origin Country

United States: US or USA

Canada: CA

Mexico: MEX

Dest City

Dest State Limit of two characters   Required
Dest Postal Code First three-digit zip code range feature

Dest Country  

United States: US or USA

Canada: CA

Mexico: MEX

Equipment Type

Dry Van: DRV

Flatbed: FBE

Reefer: RFR

Bulk Tanker: TNK

Volume Numeric value
Whole Number
Rate Numeric value   Required
Minimum Charge Numeric value   Optional
Rate Type   Flat: flat
Per mile: per_mile
Lane Starts Plain Text
Lane Ends Plain Text
Award Type   Primary: primary
Backup: backup
Min Weight (lbs) Numeric value   Required
Max Weight (lbs)

Notes     Optional

Upload lanes:

1. After filling out the lane template, save the template as a .csv file type.

2. Navigate back to the Contract page in ShipperGuide. 

3. Click on the contract. Then click blobid4 (1).png.



If all lanes import successfully, the import window will indicate how many lanes were imported. If the lanes fail to import, no lanes will be imported. 


Import Failures:

File Type:

If the shipment import file type is not .csv (Comma Separated Values) an error message will be reported on the Import Lanes pop-up window.

blobid11 (1).png


Lane Import Errors:

If a lane fails to import due to data formatting, an error message will state what line the error occurred. 

Please note: The 'Line' count if an error is found does not include the header line. 


6. Publish Contract. Click "Activate Contract" to publish and make your contract live. A popup box will appear to confirm the number of lanes you wish to publish.


Ready to start creating quotes or shipments with your contract lanes? The articles below can help get you started!

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