Shipment List Filter Overview

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This article will be covering Shipment List Filters. We will walk you through the different types of filters available to efficiently manage your shipments in ShipperGuide!


We will also show you how to save your favorite filtered shipment list to access the shipments you need instantly.


The Shipment Filters can be found on your Shipment List. Click on the to begin.



The Shipment Filter side panel will display on the right side of the page:


Filter Options:

Status: Select to filter from shipment status or multiple statuses.

  • New
  • Quoting
  • Expired
  • Tendering
  • Tender Rejected
  • Booked
  • En Route to Pickup
  • At Pickup
  • En Route to Delivery
  • At Delivery
  • Account Review
  • Canceled


Booked Since and Tender Rejected Since: Select to filter by the Booked date or the Tender rejection date.  

This filter option is only visible when either Booked or Tender Rejected statuses are selected. If date fields are left blank, all shipments that match the status will be returned. 


Modes: Select to filter by specific mode

  • FTL
  • LTL
  • IMDL
  • PTL
  • Drayage

Equipment Types: Select to filter by specific equipment type

  • Dry Van (DRV)
  • Flatbed (FBE)
  • Reefer (RFR)
  • Dry Box (DRB)
  • Tanker (TANK)

Pickup: Select to filter from Pickup addresses, zip codes, or facility names


Pickup Date Range: Select to filter from specified pickup date range


Delivery: Select to filter from Delivery addresses, zip codes, or facility names


Rating Status: Select to filter by rate type status

  • Shipments with spot and contracted rates
  • Shipments with contracted rates only
  • Shipments with spot rates only
  • Shipments without rates


Shipment Source: Select to filter by the origin of which the shipment was created

  • Created by user
  • Imported via spreadsheet
  • Imported via integration


Creation Date Start and Creation Date End: Select to filter by the creation date with option to add date range

Save Filtered Shipment Lists

If you use specific filters frequently, you can “bookmark” or save the URL link of the filtered shipment list page to view it instantly.


1. Navigate to Shipments in ShipperGuide.

2. Filter your shipment list to the filter you frequently use.


3. Bookmark or save the link to your web browser.


In this example, Chrome is the default browser, clicking on the star icon in the web browser the report will get saved and I am able to access the shipment list without having to filter my shipment list.



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