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If you are facing the following error message when trying to send your invoices to factoring, please verify below all the reasons why this can happen as well as how to troubleshoot each case.


  • Your carrier's MC number does not match BasicBlock's database. 

Please check your carrier's MC number under your account's settings. BasicBlock's database usually has the MC numbers entered with these 2 letters 'MC' in the front (e.g.: MC00000), but in some cases, there is just the number (e.g.: 00000). So please try editing it both ways and saving, and then try to send your invoices to factoring again.


  • The broker you selected is not correctly entered on the Customers page.

If you see the "Missing MC Number on broker profile" warning next to the broker's name on the Invoices page, please go to the Customers > List menu and click on this broker. Then, erase its name and start typing it again. 


Once you start typing, some options will show up on a dropdown menu. Please make sure you select the correct matching option from the list.

This will automatically fill out the broker's MC number and enable their invoices to be sent to factoring (if it is an Approved broker).


For Blocked (not approved) brokers, you need to send the invoice directly.

On the Accounting > Invoices page, click on the 3 dots and then "Send via email". Choose the email address you want the invoice to be sent to and hit "Send".

  • This load doesn’t have a PO number or this load's PO number is already being used in BasicBlock's database

Please make sure to check the load’s PO number. The field Load Reference Number (PO Number) on the load profile needs to be populated in order to allow its invoice to be sent to factoring.


  • The invoice is already under Invoiced or Paid status

Once the load is under the Invoiced status, you cannot use the "Send to factoring" button anymore on that load. Only Not Invoiced invoices will allow you to use this button.

Please reach out to our Customer Support Team to be informed on how to proceed with this case. 

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