How to use Award Scenarios

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Awarding lanes for an RFP is one of the more demanding processes within procurement. Choosing a combination of the best rates, capacity and backup carriers can take hours. Now within ShipperGuide, Award Scenarios will help streamline this process.


This article will walk you through how to customize the awarding process for an RFP.

1. Click on RFPGuide.

2. Navigate to the RFP that is ready to be allocated and awarded.

3. Click on Award Scenarios.



4. Click on Add Rules to create the award scenario.



5. From the Add Rules register, there are four possible scenarios available to apply to the RFP bids:

Please note: The underlying carrier ranking is based on the Lowest Bid carrier once the filtered scenarios have been selected.


Carriers: Award scenario is based on incumbency of the lane, incumbent or challenger carrier.




Type: Award scenario based on carrier type, asset or broker.


Split Volume: Award scenario applied to ensure 100% of the volume is allocated in cases where the most cost effective carrier is not able to guarantee full coverage of an RFP lane. The carrier’s volume is under the total volume for that RFP lane. You now have the option to select more carriers for those lanes. ShipperGuide will automatically select all the carriers with the best rate achieving 100% allocation.


Backup Carrier: Award scenario to allow backup carriers for RFP lanes. ShipperGuide will organize your rates by the lowest bid and add the next lowest bid as backup based off the number of backups that you set within this scenario. 


Once you have applied the rules for your Awards Scenarios for your RFP lanes, click blobid6.png on the Add Rules register. 

Then click blobid7.png.



6. Click on the Lanes Allocated tab to review the carrier selections. 

For a quick overview of awards allocated hover over the blobid9.pngunder the Primary column.



To review the carriers, click Review. Under the Results section, you can review the carriers allocated according to the Award Scenarios applied:



7. Click blobid12.png to notify awarded carriers.


Updating the Awards Scenarios 

To Deallocate carriers and being the process over, use the checkbox on the left to select the lane or use the top checkbox to select all of the lanes, click blobid13.png.



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