How do I archive shipments?

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This article will show you how you can manage your Shipment List using the Archive feature to remove past shipments you no longer need visibility to.


This article will cover:


How to Archive Shipments:

It is important to note shipments with ongoing activities that are in “Tendered” or “Booked” statuses cannot be archived.

1. Navigate to the Shipment List.

2. Select a shipment or multiple shipments to archive. 

3. If you have filtered your shipment list and need to archive all the shipments in your filtered list, click the checkbox on the top left corner of the shipment list, click the drop down menu ACTIONS > Archive Shipments.

To archive individual shipments, next to the shipment click > Archive.



4. A pop-up window will appear to verify confirmation to Archive Shipments. Click .

The shipments will be removed from the Shipment list and marked with the status of “Archived.”



The shipments will be removed from the Shipment list and will be updated with “Archived” status.

How to view Archived Shipments:

The Shipment List is automatically filtered to remove “Archived” shipments from the user’s view. You will need to remove this filter to view shipments that have been archived.

1. From the Shipment List, click .

2. Click the check box next to “Don’t show Archived shipments in the list” unchecking the box to remove this filter. 



3. Click the checkbox to show all shipments including those that have been Archived.


4. Click .


How to Unarchive Shipments

Select the shipment to be unarchived, click > Unarchive


For multiple shipments, select the shipments, click the drop down menu ACTIONS > Unarchive Shipments.


After the shipment has been unarchived, it will return to the last status the shipment was in prior to being archived. 


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