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How do I duplicate an RFP?

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This article will cover creating a bid by duplicating bid details and lanes from an existing bid.

To duplicate a bid:

1. On your left dashboard, click RFP Guide and select the bid you want to duplicate.

2. Select the RFP you want to duplicate.

3. On the bid, click image-0.png > Duplicate


A copy of the bid will be created and will be located under Draft.

On the duplicate bid, the deadline will default as tomorrow. The contract dates will default two days after today as the start date and the following day as the end date. To update the bid details, click image-0.png > Edit Details


Important: If carriers were invited/selected for bid invitations on the original RFP, the same carriers would be selected for pending bid invitations on the duplicated bid. Carriers that have been deleted/removed will not be selected for pending bid invitations.


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