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How do I view carrier documents?

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Once a carrier uploads a POD or an Invoice, shippers will receive an email notification that the document is available to view in ShipperGuide. This article will cover how to view and download those documents on the platform as well as managing any additional charges reported by the carrier. 


This article will cover:

How to view Carrier Ratecon, POD, and Invoice

1. Log on to ShipperGuide.


2. Navigate to the Shipments list.


3. Search for and open the shipment. 


4. Click on the Docs and Charges tab found on the shipment next to the Details tab. 



Manage Additional Charges

Add additional charges:

1. From the Docs and Charges tab on the shipment, click .


2. The Add New Charge pop-up will appear. Add new charge details:

  • Required: Charge Type - select from drop down menu of accessorial list
  • Optional: Quantity - default value set to 1
  • Required: Amount per unit  - amount of occurrences
  • Required: Stop - Indicate which stop the new charge occurred
  • Optional: Description - Max of 150 characters
  • Optional: Upload file - Add any supporting files from carrier
  • Optional: Set as approved(checkbox) - Mark checkbox if the New Charge has already been approved. 



3. Click .

New Charge added by Shipper (New Charges added by shipper users)

If the new charge was not “Set as approved” upon creating it or if an additional charge needs to be reviewed and approved, expand the charge using the arrow icon and click .



Cancel New Charge:

To remove the Additional Charge, click and a Confirm Cancel pop-up will appear:


New Charge added by Carrier (New Charges added by carrier users)

If a carrier adds additional charges to a shipment, they will be listed and waiting for approval here as well. Expand the charge using the arrow icon and click .

Reject New Charge:

To reject the Additional Charge, click and a Reject Charge pop-up will appear:

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