How do I update a BOL?

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Once a shipment is booked with a carrier, a BOL is automatically generated. The BOL document is available on the carrier’s shipment page after they have accepted their tender

This article will cover how to update/download a shipment BOL.

1. On your left dashboard, click Shipments.

2. Select the booked Shipment.


3. Next to the shipment ID, click b.png > Edit Shipment to open the shipment detail fields.

Please note, facility addresses can not be edited if the shipment has been booked with Loadsmart.


After you have made the necessary updates, click d.png All shipment updates will automatically sync the BOL document. 

Carriers can download the BOL from their shipment’s page

Or the BOL can be downloaded as a PDF file and shared with the carrier by clicking DOWNLOAD BOL under the Freight Information section. 


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