How do I request shipment updates from carriers?

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Shippers can request tracking updates from their carriers directly from ShipperGuide! This article covers requesting shipment updates from carriers and copying the carrier’s shipment link.

1. On your left dashboard, click Shipments.

2. Select the booked Shipment.

3. On the shipment’s page, under the CARRIER section, click ASK CARRIER FOR UPDATES.


A pop-up window will appear. Click 2.png to send the update request email to the carrier. Please note that you can request shipments from carriers every 4 hours.


The carrier will receive an email to update the shipment. The email will contain a link directing them to the shipment’s page to update the check-in/out times. An example of the email is shown below.


If the carrier is not receiving the shipment update request email or needs access to the shipment’s page, you can copy the shipment link by clicking on SHARE SHIPMENT LINK.


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