How do I set my preferred lanes?

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With Loadsmart’s Preferred Lanes feature, you will be notified of loads that match your lane preferences from Loadsmart’s load board!

Add preferred lanes:

1. On your Loadsmart account, go to MANAGE > MY LANES


2. You will be directed to the preferred lanes page. Enter/select the following information for the lane:

  • Pickup/Delivery city, state, and or zip code
  • Radius - deadhead miles from pickup or delivery locations
  • Weekday
  • Equipment type
  • Minimum desired rate - a suggested market will auto-populate. Please enter your desired minimum rate.

If you want to be notified of spot loads from Loadsmart’s load board during a specific period, click the checkbox under Notify for a period and select a period range. Otherwise, leave the notification section empty to receive an email whenever a load matches your lanes’ preferences.

3. Click

The lane will be added under Preferred Lanes. Click to edit the rate or delete the rate/lane.

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